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IF YOU ...


to CREATE the INNER ALIGNMENT and FOUNDATION for the manifestation of your dream.

SAVE YEARS of unproductive effort and struggle.



Spend 8 weeks with us and we will help you:


  • Clarify & Expand your dream so it aligns with your purpose.
  • Create a strong inner vortex, a "container" through which your dream can move from essence to physical form.
  • Give yourself permission to pursue your dream.
  • Create a Zero Resistance Zone to fuel your flow.
  • Forgive and become free from old hurts and wrongs.
  • Design a self-care strategy to support your success during manifestation
  • Get loads of support and encouragement from a community of fellow manifesters.

Register for the Fall 2019 Manifestation Method Course - Class Begins Monday, Sept 23 @ 7PM-8:30PM Central

It's time to bring your dream to the next level!

Too many people's dreams and desires don't come true.

Not because they're bad ideas, but because they are ... 

Planted in bad soil

Placed in a mind and heart that are overgrown with weeds of doubt, worry, and fear. This will never create something successful. 

Created prematurely

People jump too quickly into the details of making it happen, overlooking the vital, preliminary work of creating a conscious container for the dream itself.

Built with angst

The common belief "no pain, no gain" causes unnecessary struggle and establishes a false conviction in force, competition, lack & limitation.




So, what the heck does that mean?

It means taking the time to prepare yourself - your heart, mind, and being - to be a vibrational match for what you desire. It means getting deeply interested in who YOU are in relationship to your dream.  It means taking the time to cultivate the consciousness of "this is done" so that the manifestation process is easeful and fun!


And finally, it means that you let other like-minded people support you - helping you see more clearly how powerful you really are.

Week 8 - Oh, The Places You Will Go ...

Before we gather there's some pre-work for you to do.  We obviously want you to have the best experience possible so we will give you the support to:

  • Learn what a dream/desire is and why it's so important not only have one, but make it happen.
  • Name your idea/dream/desire.
  • Look at commitment from a new perspective. Clean out any negative ideas about it and discover how important it is for your success.
  • Set up a self-care game plan for you over the upcoming weeks. You have to elevate your care and we are excited to help you.

What if you knew, without a doubt, that there is a force of love and support just waiting to assist you in having what you want?

Source Energy, Infinite Power, Creative Force, Spirit ... whatever the name we will teach you exactly where it is, and how it works.

Learn a guided visualization that establishes you in the center of this enormous, loving, all-for-you power.


What is the most important relationship you can have? The one with your thoughts!

What you think about yourself, others, and your world powerfully impacts your ability to manifest. 

Learn how to change your thoughts and program your mind to be fertile soil for your dreams and desires.  Discover the art and science of Mantras - and see how easy, fun, and effective this practice can be in establishing the right mindset for manifesting.

Like it or not, the past dictates what you think about now and what you create in your future, so it's super important to take the time to clean it up, and in this module I assure you, we will.

Learn The transformational, freeing power of forgiveness. What it is, how it works, and how easy it is for you to do. Get simple forgiveness practices that clear your mind and heart like nothing else. Experience a guided visualization that helps you rename your entire past and reclaim your power from it.

THIS is the key class intentionally placed in the middle of the journey.  This class is super experiential - it's designed for you to feel, see, and merge with your dream/idea in an undeniable way that makes you certain this is yours to do!

Learn a guided experience that will merge you, mind, body, and spirit with your dream.  And, that the HOW is not your business.  We'll teach you how not to spend time or mind there.  

This is one of our signature practices. The Zero Resistance Zone is a state of mind and a place in your home, that when established will become one of your mightiest places to create. 

Learn more about the law of cause and effect, and your part in the equation.

And, this is a brand new idea - why patience is over-rated and not required in this manifestation game.

People seldom if ever think about the importance of feeling desire and devotion to an idea or dream.  It can sound crazy, but in this class you're going to discover why being "crazy" for your dream is the way to be.

Learn why blocking the flow of desire and devotion causes stagnation and ultimately kills. And how, when cultivated it can become two of your best manifestation partners.  

This module offers you some real, solid, transformational ideas about the toxicity of doubt and why failure is a complete lie!

Learn how to absolutely destroy doubt and become totally free from ever thinking yourself or any of your creations as failures.  It's literally not possible.  Whaaat? ... yep, it's true and by the time you get to this part of the class you'll be able to understand this and really open up to being a Mighty Manifester.

This is our final class for this course and like all of them, this one is very intentionally created to help you look ahead into the upcoming year from a very high place of possibility, and create your Manifestation Method Roadmap.

Learn what trust is and how to keep it alive when you need it most.  Establish your "No Matter What ..." intentions that will become the foundation for your manifesting success.

This Course Is Taught Live By Mark Anthony Lord

Mark has been creating and teaching transformational courses for over twenty years. He is considered a genius at creating exercises, inner experiences like guided meditations, and class conversations where everyone feels included and everyone grows from each other's insights. (And yes, you can be a fly on the wall if you so choose too - you'll still learn a heck of a lot).

"The Manifestation Method has helped me become excited and passionate about my dream while going deeper into subconscious blocks and fears that have held me back in the past. It gave me a nurturing container to hold my dream in and allow it to evolve and grow. This revolutionary process literally sets you up for success before you get started implementing your dream. It’s the missing link I’ve been looking for. "

David Lohman DeVore, M.A., Life Coach

"I'd highly recommend the course, the Manifestation Method for people who are ready to take action on their dream. Maybe its just a hint of a dream, but what I learned is that my dream -no matter how quietly- is calling my name, getting my attention and ready to show up. The scary truth: This course cleared away the distractions, the noise, the debris of my past experiences to put me in communication with the beauty of the dream. I'm the type of person who thinks I can get it done on my own. But the power of the energy of the group launched me forward at a rate I could have only imagined on my own. I dare you to give your dream a chance. Two hours once a week has made all the difference for me. "

Jodi Scholes, Wellness Business Consultant, Public Speaker

"The Manifestation Method has helped us have a better, ongoing conversation about what we want. Each of us builds on the thoughts and energy of the other. The guided visualizations have had a profound impact on our ability to believe we can do this. The forgiveness work was seriously mind-blowing. It caused both of us to see how much was really there still blocking us, but more importantly, how wonderful it feels to let it all go so we can grow and manifest our farm. The Manifestation Method taught us how to feel the energy of owning our farm and to imagine so, so much bigger than we ever thought possible."

Scott & Beth Sherman, Owners & Creators of JUICY FRUIT FOREST

"There is a saying in 12-step programs 'I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.' Well, I was. So, I took this course, and wow, wow, wow! After spending 8-weeks with Mark Anthony Lord in his Manifestation Method class I can tell you I am not the same person. I don't think the same way about myself or about my dream. I now know my dream is more than possible ... it is done!"

Gayle Dillon, Minister & Author

"Who knew that I could let go of the angst around my dream and manifest it in a manner that brings so much joy and feels so uplifting? I do now - thanks to the Manifestation Method. The time spent with Mark Anthony Lord and the others created a shift in me around my dream that I doubt any other process could have accomplished. I am grateful for your opening meditations, visionings, and for the many processes that required me to rethink my thoughts around who I am and who I want to be on this planet. The partners, the accountability, the atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement lit a fire in me that I know burns until my dream comes true."

Larrye-Marie Heyl, Author





  • HAVE FUN DOING IT because fun is magnetic and will cause synchronicities to happen all around you.
  • WALK WITH OTHER BALLSY PEOPLE who are thinking bigger and better and can support you.
  • SPEND 80% OF YOUR TIME DOING THE INNER WORK and 20% ON YOUR INSPIRED ACTIONS (Yep, different than you thought ... we know, but it works. We promise.)


HURRY - the 8 Week Class Begins Monday, September 23 - 7PM - 8:30PM CENTRAL


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